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Clarinet or Saxophone Mouthpiece Cleaning Brush

Clarinet or Saxophone Mouthpiece
Cleaning Brush

Keeping your mouthpiece clean keeps you sounding your best and prevents you from getting sick. Be careful not to drop your mouthpiece while cleaning it. You could knock a chip out of the tip or the sides and then it is ruined. Don't use hot water! The mouthpiece could warp. Signs your mouthpiece needs cleaning: The reed sticks to the mouthpiece without a ligature. The reed is near impossible to remove from the mouthpiece when the ligature isn't there. Crusty deposits have formed inside or outside. The mouthpiece has an odor. While scrubbing with soap and water may not remove everything, it will get most of it and certainly disinfect it. Believe it or not, our instruments and mouthpieces are prime breeding ground for contagions similar to tuberculosis.


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