Oboe and Clarinet Lessons, North Hollywood, CA or anywhere in the US with Skype

Tanya J. Johnson is an oboe, English horn and clarinet instructor in the greater Los Angeles area, based out of North Hollywood. I teach beginners from ages 8 up through adults. Teaching is my passion and I love to see everyone making music! Durations available in half hour, fourty five minutes and one hour. Please give me a call or send an email for rates. Lessons take place in my home studio but I do travel to student's homes or an alternate location to teach (additional fee may apply). Please read my bio and teaching experience to see if I am the right instructor for you.

If you are interested in clarinet, oboe or English horn lessons, please contact me either by phone [American Flag (818) 850-0581] or email [reedpros@gmail.com] me with the following information:

Patricola Full Conservatory Rosewood Oboe Oboe Reed Making Tool Set

Reed Lessons are available in half hour, fourty five minutes and hour long lessons. It is not a requirement to take lessons on the instrument in order to take reed lessons with me. I do travel to student's homes upon request. Additional fee may apply. Please e-mail or call for rate information.

All oboe students are encouraged to begin reed making instruction by the 3rd year of playing. As an oboist, this is a necessary skill to learn.

Oboe reeds drying on a reed stand

Online lessons are available. This can be a fantastic solution for busy families wanting to take lessons but unable to find the extra time to meet up with a teacher in a physical location. Now this can all be done from home!

The first lesson with Zoom/Microsoft Teams is a free half hour lesson in order to get all the bugs worked out. Online lessons are paid only via Paypal. Never used Zoom or Microsoft Teams? It's really easy and it's free! Please reach out to me for any questions regarding online lessons.

Hear what some of my students have to say:

"We feel so lucky to have found Tanya to teach our son clarinet. She's a delightful person who combines musical skill with an easygoing approach that made our son really learn to love and appreciate playing music over the past few years."

"Our son received a citywide music scholarship and we believe that was only made possible through Tanya's guidance and prep with him."

"As anyone will tell you, the most important choice you will make when deciding to learn a musical instrument is your teacher. Moreso even than the model of the instrument itself that you purchase (or rent). This is especially true for a highly challenging instrument like the oboe. It is not too difficult to find a quality instrument that will make the overall learning process go smoother. But it is not so easy finding just the right teacher. I can say without hesitation that Tanya Johnson is the best music instructor I've ever had, and I've had a few. She is patient, encouraging, and enthusiastic, both about music and about teaching. Equally important is the fact that she is a working musician who frequently performs with her oboe here in Los Angeles. In addition, she is an expert at reed-making, which is vital because I know I can get good quality reeds, customized for my needs, at any time, and at an excellent price. I can't emphasize enough how important that is; without good reeds learning/playing the oboe becomes a titanic struggle. Anyone in the Los Angeles area who is looking for an oboe instructor should do themselves a favor and contact Tanya and arrange for a lesson. You won't be disappointed."

"Our daughter has been taking lessons with Tanya (Reed Pros) for almost 4 years now and we couldn't be happier with her progress over the years, and my daughter has a great relationship with her. Our daughter started with no experience on the oboe and now is on her 2nd year with the CSUN Youth Philharmonic, is working towards various local and national Youth Philharmonic spots, and is planning on continuing her studies in Oboe Performance. Tanya has been both patient and challenging in her lessons and the result is that our child has grown to love and appreciate the beauty of the Oboe and musical performance in general. Plus, Tanya makes reeds too (and provides lessons in reed making), no need to mention how great that is, but I will anyway; it's awesome!"

"I have been a student of Tanya for over 5 years. She has helped me prepare for countless auditions and I owe all of my successes to her. Her dedication to her work and her students is phenomenal and I would not be half the musician I am if it were not for her. I have been the principal chair of my schools Wind Ensemble for four straight semesters and been playing first part in the same group for seven, all thanks to the skills she has given me, and the help she has given me for many auditions."

"Tanya is a competent music teacher who immediately put my 8 year old son at ease and made him feel like he could comfortably try an instrument that did not come easily to him in elementary school. Tanya's teaching technique is a harmonic blend of her supportive, strong command of teaching with a virtuosity of psychology and she gives musical confidence to students that allows the student to grow at the pace they need. Tanya provides guidance and encouragement and, most importantly, an attitude and tone to lessons that makes a student want to return again and again. My son took lessons from Tanya when he was in the Burbank school district and he is forever changed for the better having worked with her and now has a positive, consistent, calm experience with her as a private music teacher. I recommend Tanya J. Johnson highly as she is a professional musician with the exceptional skill and technique of music education and appreciation. Tanya provides her students with a place to learn music with her soft, firm manner she fosters an excellent foundation for a lifetime of music interest and practice discipline. Tanya is both charming and extremely knowledgeable and, most importantly, looks for music that resonates with her students which then encourages them to play more."