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Dahlia Oboe Reeds


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The Dahlia oboe reed made by our Artisan Reed Maker is geared more toward the doubler or professional oboe player. Only one strength available, the Dahlia oboe reed is ready to play with a lovely tone and good pitch center. The strength is similar to the Superior Med Hard oboe reed. We think you'll have many enjoyable practice sessions with the Dahlia oboe reed!

$25.00 each

Ships in
1-2 business days


Introducing - The Dahlia PLUS! The Dahlia PLUS oboe reed is tied onto the Chiarugi 47 2+ oboe staple in brass. The Chiarugi staple is a consistent, quality staple that makes for a fantastic upgrade to the already beautiful Dahlia Oboe Reed. This staple gives a lovely, warm tone with excellent pitch center and stability. We think you'll like it. If you tried the Dahlia original, now try the Dahlia PLUS and let us know which you prefer!

$28.00 each

Ships in
1-2 business days

Artisan Reed Makers

No two oboists are alike, so why would one style of oboe reed work for everyone? Reed Pros has partnered with skilled artisan oboe reed makers to offer our customers a variety of reed styles. We mark the cork with a unique reed identifier such as a number, letter, or combination of numbers and letters. So, even if the reed maker changes the thread color they are using, you can know the reed you've received is from the same craftsman.

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No Wait Time Oboe Reeds are NOT available for Reed Club at this time.

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