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Oboe Reed Making Kit Standard Plus

Single Pocket Reed Making Kit Standard PLUS

This is our Oboe Reed Making Standard Plus Kit. Save 20% off the retail prices! This kit contains everything you need to get started making your own oboe reeds!

Purchasing this kit for your first reed making lesson? Please see our Reedmaking Guide . Be sure to check with your oboe instructor for all required equipment, or give us a call! We can point you in the right direction for the items you will need or are missing for your next reedmaking lesson.

This kit contains:
  • Vitry style double hollow ground reed knife. Not pre-sharpened so right or left handed is not an issue.
  • Mandrel.
  • Cutting block.
  • Flat steel rounded ends plaque.
  • Reed Pros combo ruler and gauge (May receive black or silver ruler).
  • Spool of thread (may not be color shown in picture).
  • Beeswax (size and shape of wax may differ from picture)
  • Three pieces of gouged, shaped and folded oboe cane.
  • Three brass staples.
  • Nylon zippered single pocket tool pouch.

Tool Pouch Colors

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