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Oboe Reed

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Superior - Beginner Oboe Reed

Oboe reeds at Reed Pros are hand made with loving care from start to finish. Our oboe reeds are not like the reeds you find at your local music store. Those are mass produced with inferior scraping techniques resulting in a squawky, nasal tone. I make and sell reeds to you that I would play on. If I don't like it, I don't send it out. Reeds are play tested before leaving our shop to insure the proper strength and performance.

The Superior oboe reed series are handmade by me, start to finish. I select the finest tube cane and gouge and shape it in house. Each reed is tied on as a blank (without profiling) and then the detailed scraping process begins. Each Superior series reed is worked on over a period of three days to allow the cane to settle and stabilize. The Superior reeds have a rich, dark sound.
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Reed Type: Medium Soft
  • The tip of the reed is made more sturdy to help withstand accidental brushing on clothes.
  • We use 46mm brass staples.
  • **The reed thread comes in a variety of colors and may not be the color shown in the picture.**
  • They play easily for beginning chops low C to High C.
  • These reeds come in Med Soft.
  • This is usually the strength needed for a first to second year player.
$19.50 each
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